CONRAD METAL DETECTORS; has been serving in the sector of electronics since 1979. As of the year 2001, it’s been continuing its activity in the area of metal detectors in services, spare parts and repair. In recent years, Conrad has started production with a registered trademark.

Generally imported and certificated products are used in the production process. It offers compact designs in the area of 3B Dimensional Underground Monitoring and Radar Systems. It differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to the technology that it uses.


It aims to produce and market Conrad PRO-GPR Underground radar and Conrad GEOSURFER Resistivity products in 2014.

CONRAD METAL DETECTORS; its quality is confirmed with the documents of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management, ISO 18001 Job Health and Safety. All the products are produced and certified in accordance with the CE Quality Policies Regulations.

CONRAD METAL DETECTORS; exports the products that it produces first of all to Turkey and to Italy, Qatar, Austria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, South Africa directly an through its distributors. It’s become one of the pioneering firms.

EM Systems

Electromagnetic detection method is the most preferred search method in the area of archeophysics. CONRAD METAL DETECTORS; leads in this area with such products it produces as PRO-800 EM, PRO-900 EM and X-3 ULTRA Professional EM.


For Detailed Information; phone number 0216 370 1341

Conrad Metal Detectors